Unique Basement Game Room Ideas

If you have a large family, children and their entertainment is an important concern. A concern that can be resolved with ease if you have a basement.

One of the things a basement is good for is keeping your kids entertained and occupied in a safe and controlled environment. Especially these days when kids mostly prefer to spend their time indoors, instead of roaming the streets and parks. And hey, thank god for that, because you don’t want the hassle of having to track them down well past curfew and drag them home to bed.

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At the same time, having your kids play all over the place will leave the entire house in a state of disarray, and interrupt your own evening pastimes. Imagine watching a game after work when they break out the lego blocks right there in the living room.

In comes the basement, where you can arrange for your kids to have tons of fun while keeping the rest of the household safe and quiet. So what can you do exactly with the basement in terms of entertainment? It really depends on your kids. Some ideas are better for active little devils that need to move around a lot. Others are for kids who prefer video games and more quiet sorts of entertainment.

Here are three ideas for you to consider when you plan your basement game room renovation.


Regardless of what age your kids are, chances are they love their toys and games. Many parents decide to work in this direction and renovate their basement, turning it into a game room with lots of storage for lego blocks, dolls, stuffed animals, medieval castles, pirate ships and the like. You can take this opportunity to add crayons, chalkboards and fill the shelves with board games and coloring books. This will be a perfect space for kids with a tendency for creative and intellectual pastimes. Just make sure to remind them the crayons are for playroom only use, otherwise your entire house is in risk of becoming one big canvas.


If your kids love basketball, soccer or just general crazy fun, padding the basement and setting up goals, swings, slides and trampolines in there would make it their favourite place in the house. Maybe even in the whole world. There are crazy ideas out there for safe indoor gym equipment that will keep even the most hyperactive kid occupied and entertained for hours. Some parents even go on to install an indoor rock climbing wall, to encourage further athletic development as the kids grow up.


Some kids love their PS4 or Xbox and prefer it to anything outside the digital realm. Imagine their delight when you introduce them to a perfect gaming studio with surround sound, a huge screen and maybe even a VR set for gaming. The great bonus with this option is that when the youngsters are not using this space, the grown-ups can use it themselves for a home theater and watch a good movie with great sound and zero interruptions.

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