Underpinning Basement

Many homeowners who want to utilize their basement are often faced with a low ceiling. Basement underpinning or basement lowering is an effective way to add height to your basement and make it more livable. With the help of the DRV Basements team, underpinning your basement isn’t a big hassle anymore.

How Much Does It Cost to Underpin a Basement?

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Underpinning a basement in Toronto costs anywhere between $350 and $450 per linear foot. The underpinning price depends on:

  1. The depth of the excavation
  2. The scale and extent of labour
  3. The size of the basement
  4. The basement’s overall condition
  5. The integrity of your home’s foundation

The Basement Underpinning Process

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Step 1: Quoting

When you contact us regarding a basement underpinning project, the first thing we do is ask you for information about your basement that will factor into the price. This includes the size of your basement, how old your house is, and how much height you want to add to the basement. We then give you an accurate, fixed quote on the job.

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Step 2: Inspection

Before the work begins, we will come to your home and assess your basement. This step will give us an idea of what the basement underpinning project will entail, allowing us to plan ahead properly and according to what the space needs and how much to excavate.

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Step 3: Excavation

The first step in basement underpinning is to dig out the foundation according to the planned excavation depth. We start from the outside in just to make sure the house’s foundation is not compromised throughout the process.

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Step 4: Pouring the Concrete

The final step in the basement underpinning process is filling the excavated soil with concrete. We pour the concrete in sections leaving small gaps between the old and new concrete, which we then fill with non-shrink grout.

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If you’re looking to add height to your low-ceiling basement, contact us. The DRV Basements team is ready to connect with Toronto homeowners looking to underpin their basement, so send us an email at Info@drvbasements.Com or call us directly for more details at 416-700-0019.