Basement Waterproofing

basement waterproofingThe Damp Basement Blues

Your basement is below the ground, and the ground collects water from rain and from human activity. Many homeowners fear the wet basement, knowing that if it eventually happens to them it will cost them their time and potentially hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage. Even just a small trickle, puddle, or damp spot can be a warning sign for everything from mold to structural damage. The DRV Basements team are your local Toronto basement waterproofing experts, with over 10 years of experience serving the GTA. Read on to learn more about why wet or flooded basements occur, and how basement waterproofing works.

Why Is My Basement Wet?

There are several reasons that can cause your wet basement problems. We group them into two categories to better understand them: structural and environmental problems. In all cases, hydrostatic pressure caused by gravity will push water into any available imperfections in your foundation, and it can become so great as to cause new cracks to form.

Environmental Problems:

  • Drainage and Soil: The ground absorbs the water that falls as rain, melts from snow, or comes down from our hoses and sprinklers. The soil near your home can be disturbed or arranged in a way that does not let the water drain away, letting it saturate the ground and pool near your foundation. This is one of the most common causes of a wet basement.
  • Improper Slope: Home builders try to make sure that the ground slopes away from your home, not towards it. If the ground slopes towards your home, rather, the water would naturally run and pool towards your foundation as opposed to away from it, causing problems.
Structural Problems:

  • Gutters: Your gutters are installed to drain water away from your foundation, and if the installation was improper, or if they are not being maintained they can fail to do that. As a result, water will saturate the surrounding area.
  • Cracks: This is one of the most obvious elements of the problem. Any imperfections in your foundation walls, and around windows and doors will cause a wet basement, especially if any of the other issues listed are present.

Basement Waterproofing Options

There are 3 main methods for basement waterproofing, and the best strategy is to use all 3 at once. The first thing to take a look at is your foundation exterior, in which we would dig out around your foundation and repair any damage we find during our inspection. This sounds inconvenient but is the most sure-fire way to identify any cracks and imperfections.

The second thing to take a look at is your drainage systems, to either repair poorly functioning ones or to install additional ones. This will keep water away from any imperfections in the first place and will prevent hydrostatic pressure buildup near your basement that can cause cracks in the future.

The third thing we do is interior waterproofing, which involves both preventative and proactive measures. This entails an internal visual inspection of the foundation and repairs on any flaws with sealants and coatings, as well as the installation of mechanisms like sump pumps to minimize damage should flooding occur in the future.

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