Basement Underpinning

basement underpinningWe Need To Go Deeper

You might be opening up your basement for additional storage, or lowering your walkout basement floor to create a livable ceiling height in order to rent out the space. Regardless of your intentions, if you want to make your space taller then you need to hire a reputable contractor team to perform your basement underpinning project. It is vital that you choose a company that you know you can trust, an improper job from an inexperienced team can destabilize your entire house and cause devastating damage. DRV Basements has been providing local Toronto basement underpinning services for over 10 years, and we have a long line of happy clients to show for it.

Basement Underpinning for Structure

The main purpose of an underpinning job can be the structural benefits, not just (or not including) changing the height of your basements. Besides, there are plenty of reasons to pursue the project, and they range in urgency from emergencies to proactive planning. Some of these reasons include:

  • Your foundation structure has degraded over time, and you need to repair it.
  • The original structure was poorly built and need to be reinforced.
  • Land-slippage or other environmental effects have caused damage or destabilization.
  • The structure is being prepared to bear extra weight, such as an addition or storage of extremely heavy equipment

Never Settle on Quality

You should not choose less reputable contractors who will provide you with lower quality service, especially with basement underpinning. The process, when done correctly, compromises the structural integrity of your entire home. When done incorrectly, the process can have disastrous results. Removing the floor of your foundation can cause the walls to slide inwards, cracking them and leading to a potential collapse. The trusted professionals in the industry use special techniques to prevent this from ever happening. The professional approach includes:

  • Cutting out a small section first to apply a reinforcement underneath (something to bear the load).
  • Excavating the floor in alternating strips, and filling those in with reinforced concrete.
  • Complete the process ONLY WHEN the first filled sections have completely cured.
  • Laying a new floor once everything is stable.

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With an expert, professional team at your side you can do anything you can dream of with your basement, and not even the size of it is a limit with basement underpinning experts. DRV Basements is your top-rated Toronto contractor with over 10 years of quality service and glowing reviews. Call us or fill out the form on the right to get a FREE quote on your next project!