Basement Remodeling

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Whether you basement has fallen into a clutter, or you simply want to change up the style or function, you need to remodel your basement to make it perfect. DRV Basements has been the number one Toronto basement remodeling expert for over 10 years, helping our clients take back their space with quality design and contractor work.

Our experienced designers will help you choose the right materials and colours for your style. Are you going for a dark-and-mysterious home theater? A bright and open home gym? A family or entertainment room with a wetbar? We take every element of the space into account when we help you design your dream basement; we can make large areas look comfortable and cozy, and small areas like bright and uncluttered. The options are endless and completely up to you! Here are some ways to get the most out of your unfinished spaces:

Framing, Tiling, and Flooring

Your can contrast light walls with rich, deep wood framing for a unique and modern look, or you can keep it natural and light for a fresh, classic appeal. Tiling your floor makes for easy clean-ups, and provides you with many colour customization options with hand-picked suggestions from the DRV Basements team. Alternatively, hardwood or laminate flooring, or carpet can allow for a classier feel and look.

Painting, Colour, and Lighting

The right colour palate and lighting placements can significantly change the feel of the space. Beige, white, or other muted shades can make the room feel bright and airy, perfect fir a zen yoga studio or a home gym. On the other hand accented walls are well suited for a game room or an artist’s space. The DRV Basements design experts will help you express your interests and the room’s function. Your lighting options are nearly endless. From pendents to pot lights, to spotlights and dimmers, lighting has a huge impact on your space and our specialists are skilled at helping you choose the right options.

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