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Whether you are trying to revamp an unfinished basement, or this is just a step in the overall finishing process, you can rest assured knowing our professionals will do your framing and paneling perfectly. DRV Basements are your local Toronto basement framing and paneling experts, and we serve our valued clients with the highest-skilled workers and the most top-grade materials on the market. Your frames and panels will last for decades, and you can be sure your insulation and moisture protection will be the best available anywhere in Toronto and the GTA

The Basement Walls

The first step in the process is to inspect your exterior basement walls. If these are unfinished then we will take the time to finish complete them, as they will be the sturdy foundation for the frames that we will be installing. If there are any damp sections they will receive special attention to make sure you do not have the possibility of mildew or other water damage in the future.

Framing and Insulation

Our seasoned team will develop a full framing plan before the installation begins. We make sure that the frames are sturdy and durable, and that they do not obstruct light switches, electrical outlets, and other protruding objects. After the installation is complete we do a close inspection before moving on to insulation.

Insulation and Paneling

Insulation is an important step that can save you huge amounts of money on your heating and cooling bills, as well as helping you maintain a comfortable ambient temperature in the summer and winter. We train our team members to perform installations that further prevent the threat of moisture and mildew, using materials like plastic sheets to significantly lengthen the longevity of the insulation.

Our skilled workers will install your panels with cutting-edge tools. Each panel is cut exactly to size, so the end result will look like we are custom-ordering each panel just for you. After the paneling is installed we always take one more look at everything to ensure that it is perfect and that you are satisfied.

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