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Is your basement unfinished or used only to house items you forgot you even owned? Uncover the opportunities your basement holds and make use its space. Basements normally represent one third of a two-story house’s total space, making them ideal for media or music rooms, office or workshop spaces, home gyms, and much more! Come explore all of the hidden space your basement has to offer and the many customizable ways to make your basement homely.

If you’re seeking gorgeous basement renovations and interior design Toronto, the DRV Basements team prides itself on flawless results and collection of services. That way, you’re able to create a customized living space ideal for your needs. Here, diligent work and convenience is our guarantee to satisfy every client.

Ideas and Design

There are many benefits to basement remodelling instead of adding costly new additions to your residence. Not only is the foundation already there waiting to be utilized, but the utilities, such as gas and sewage lines, are too! Plus, maintaining heat and cold air is easily done in the basement.

But, what can you use your basement space for?:

  • Home gym or yoga studio
  • Movie theatre or game room
  • Office space
  • Entertaining
  • Another bedroom and kitchen space…

The options are endless and completely up to you! Here are some ways to get the most out of your unfinished spaces:


Considering the foundation is already complete and is essential to the space’s foundation, framing allows     . Contrast your light walls with rich, deep wood framing for a unique and modern look, or keep it natural and light for a fresh, classic appeal.

Colour and Lighting

The right colour palette and lighting placements help make large spaces comfortable and cozy, or smaller ones appear brighter and uncluttered. From pendents and pot lights, to spotlights and lights with dimming effects, enhance your new space with the right lighting to suit your needs.


The colours of a space truly set the mood for its inhabitants. Beige, white, and other muted shades stay bright and airy for a zen yoga room while rooms with accent walls are well suited for game rooms and artist spaces. Express yourself with colour combinations that speak to your interests and blend smoothly with the surroundings.

Tiling & Flooring

Tiling as a flooring choice makes for easy clean-ups and can be chosen among multiple hand-picked reccomendations from DRV Basements. Likewise, hardwood or laminate flooring allow for a classier feel and look.

Are you ready to transform your unused basement into your dream haven? Let DRV Basements help inspire your thoughts and help you meet your renovation goals. Contact us today online at, or for an estimate call 647-323-3232.