Basement Office – Investment In Your Business

With office space rent rising all the time, more and more torontonians decide to run their business from their homes.

The benefits of this approach are undeniable. You get to save money on the rent, and what’s almost as important, save time on travel.

This is a very attractive solution, but it has its drawbacks as well. What if you have a full house and your kids are always in the way? That can be a hinderance to your efficiency at work. Another difficulty would be that the house space is often all used up for other things and there simply isn’t room for an office anywhere. People who live in a house with a den can use it for this need, but there is another solution. If you have an unfinished basement, setting up your office there is simply ideal.

It will give you the space you need as well as the quiet and peace of mind needed for efficient work. What’s even better, if you can furnish the basement with a separate entrance, you will be able to see your clients and associates without having them enter your house, keeping every interaction perfectly professional.

basement office

Cost and Return on Investment

One of the things we get asked, is whether this project won’t be more costly than it’s worth. The answer is absolutely not. While you will need to invest in some minimal wall finishing and insulation, the expense is nothing compared to the daily, monthly and yearly savings you will able to secure this way. Renting an office space in a business district anywhere at all in the GTA may end up costing you the equivalent of this entire project in under a year.

Then consider the time saved. You can spend those extra few hours a day on gainful work in your new basement office, catching up on the competition and advancing your business to new heights.

Let’s do the math

The average person spends about two hours a day commuting, which can stretch to over three or four hours depending on traffic and travel distances. But let’s stay with two hours a day, that’s more than sufficient. Multiplied by 20 business days a month, this makes 40 hours. That’s a week’s worth of work.

Take this extra week and use it to advance your business, and you will see how this basement office renovation project pretty much pays for itself. Other uses for the basement include setting up a 3D printing lab, photography studio, home art gallery and other useful ways of utilizing this otherwise useless space.

Interested in more ideas? Want to see what we have done for our previous clients for basement finishing? Call us today and we’ll show you how it works and how well it can serve you.

This is the perfect time for this upgrade too. All consultations and estimates are completely free, so get in touch now and set up shop at home for the winter.