Basement Bedroom Ideas

The comfort level of your basement depends on how you renovate it, especially how cosy the bedroom feels. Apart from ensuring that the piping and proofing are done properly, there is also a need for smart basement bedroom ideas. Basements attract a variety of home-hunters. They provide a cosy space for an individual, couple or family.

Right from the lighting to the linen, it is important to ensure that the comfort factor of your basement bedroom is not compromised. Just so you don’t have to go through the pages of confusing catalogues, we are giving you some tips and tricks for cosy and chic basement bedroom.

amazing basement bedroom with green wall cover and floor carpet - basement design toronto

Keep It Bright

While black and grey are one of the most popular colours in the palette, it is better to refrain from these shades while considering your basement bedroom renovation. Dark colours make the area look cramped up. Basements usually do not get natural light. Most interior designers recommend a bright colour scheme to give an illusion of natural light to your basement. While choosing the wall paints and wallpaper for your bedroom, go for colours like beige, cream grey, pastel pink, honey-suckle yellow and other bright shades from the Panton book. You can also go for ditsy printed wallpapers in bright colour combinations. These not only make the bedroom look beautiful but also add an element of natural brightness.

modern basement bedroom with custom wall cover and wooden floor - DRV basement contractors

Pick a Theme

It’s a good idea to give a theme to your basement bedroom decor. It goes a long way in adding heaps of personality the area making it easy to connect with. It is also important to ensure that the bedroom reflects your personality as a home-owner. Go ahead and adorn it with your favourite wall decals and accents. If you looking for a general theme that runs in the decor of the bedroom, you can go for Victorian white, pastel florals, nautical, mint cream, bohemian beige or lavender fields. These themes bring out a very bright and bold theme giving a whole new personality to your bedroom. Don’t forget to personalize the area with your happy family/holiday pictures or your artwork.

photo of Linen

Invest in The Linen

While renovating, you should not only consider the overall bedroom basement design but also consider going to the dainty details like the linen. The right and complementary linen can make the area feel a lot cosier. Even if you want to save space by not buying a full-fledged bed, you should make sure that the mattress is topped by a comforting topper, a fitted sheet, a regular bed sheet and all-purpose quilt. Ensure that you have 2 sets of easy to clean bedding material. While choosing the fabric, go for classic cotton, linen or silk.

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Keep the Temperature Under Control

Basements often get a lot colder than the main floor. Making sure the bedroom is warm and cosy becomes an important step. It is always recommended to have a carpeted floor in the basement. This helps retain the heat from the heater and keep the area warm for longer. You can also use some furry throws and cushions to make the bedroom feel cosier. If you can arrange a proper venting system, having a fireplace in your basement would also be a great idea to keep it extra warm and cosy.

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Soundproofing Is Sensible

A basement bedroom can be a sanctuary for one. But because it is prone to the noise of footsteps or other noises from the main floor, sound soundproofing becomes important. It is recommended to have the main floor carpeted so most of the sound is absorbed. Even if you have a small basement bedroom, see if there is an opportunity for a separate entrance. This will add to the privacy factor and keeping the noise low.

modern basement bedroom with wooden floor and baseboard trim -  basement finishing companies

Light It Right

Not just bright colours on the wall, your basement bedroom ideas should also incorporate the use of bright lightning. Go for naturally white or warm white lamps that add a very sophisticated look to your bedroom. You also go for LED strip runners on the edges of your bedroom ceiling. Go for smart lighting options to give your bedroom to make it look modern and tech-savvy. If you are thinking of making it a couple’s bedroom, throw in some string lights to get the romance going.

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Elevate the Aura

Along with the beautiful basement bedroom designs, you should also focus on the details that actually add to the ‘feel factor’ of the area. Keep scented candles, diffusers, humidifiers, mini fountains, Feng Shui accents, potpourri and other ‘feel-good’ decorations to make the bedroom feel like home.