Basement Bar Ideas

If you’ve been using your basement as a beer and wine storage space, stop and think. What if you can use it as a full-fledged bar instead? If you just said “awesome, let’s do it!” to this idea, you now need some smart and super creative basement bar ideas to warm up the interior designer in you. The first thing to ensure are logistics. Be sure that your basement has proper piping, wiring and proofing so it’s all set for all the social gatherings you will have. You might have to make more piping and electrical arrangements for a bar in the living area of your basement. A basement bar would not save you the time and money to drink outside at an overpriced bar, but it will also add value to your real estate.

This article is focused on all the amazing things and themes that can get you an admirable basement bar design.

Here are themes that you’ll love:

photo of led sign that say Bar - basement ideas

Classic Rock Pub

Bring back your love for The Beatles and build a bar out of it. If you often crave your own small basement bar, making a cosy classy rock theme bar is a very nice idea. You can have an accent wall made of vinyl records of some of the most known bands. Keep the countertops of classic graphite and For lighting tungsten drop bulbs and some backlit posters of your favourite bands. Think Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd and all those that make you want to grab a beer and jam the night away.

photo of disco ball - basement ideas

The Underground Electronica

Having your own nightclub underground would be super cool. If your basement is also your bachelor’s pad, having an upbeat underground party station is a fantastic basement idea. The first step to this is solid soundproofing (you can’t have your neighbours complain about the music). Go for some neon lighting, a dance floor and a disco ball if you feel adding a little retro touch is your kind of style. If you want your guests to swing to your beat, be a good host and invest in a DJ station.

amazing basement renovation with small wet bar and entertainment unit - finishing a basement

The Wicked Wet Bar

Troubled for space? Don’t worry. There are many small basement bar ideas that you can try your hands on. How about a wet bar. If you have a kitchen area in your basement and you’re someone who can’t even read out of a cookbook, turn the unused kitchen into an overused bar. Go for warm white LED lighting and brick-wall backdrop. For furniture, throw in some quirky bar stools and a see-through cabinet to give the limelight to your spirit collection. A wet bar is the perfect place for some indoor wine and tapas.

photo of retro diner bar in finished basement - basement ideas

A Retro Diner Bar

Thinking of a place to get your breakfast beer? How about your basement bar. Go for the classic red leather (or faux leather) sofas. For the walls, go for the bottom half moulded beautifully in off white tones, the upper half can be pastel pink, baby blue or light rose white if you want to keep it retro yet pleasing to the ideas. Go for black and white checkered flooring and red round bar stools. Don’t forget to serve spiked milkshakes and hot rum cakes to your guests.

amazing walk in basement with bar - basement ideas

The Basement Barn

If you’ve been longing to book a cottage in the countryside and drink to your heart’s content, how about bringing the barn home. Only, instead of the hay, your barn will store the Hennesy. Don’t worry about the space. With proper decor, even a small basement bar can sport the barn theme. Go for rustic wooden flooring and complementing wood panels on the wall. Dim lighting is the way to go. For stools, you can use cushioned beer barrels. It will also be an interesting idea to have a cork runner on the counter to give it an authentic rustic feel.

huge basement bar - basement renovation ideas

‘The Royalty Drinks Here’ Bar

If you aren’t a fan of showy colours and dominant themes, you can for subtle and sophisticated basement bar ideas. One of these ideas is to add a touch of neat royalty to the decor. For solid white bar shelves and a complementing counter. For the seating, go with floral printed bar stools. Light up the place with string lights and lamps. Decorate the counter with a flower vase of Englishes roses. Play jazz music on a clean shiny record player to amp up the ambiance. Make sure you have a collection of dated wines, champaigns, cognacs, creams and proseccos. Don’t shy away from beautifully showing off your crystalware and limited edition bottles of liquor.

Choose from your favourite basement bar ideas and turn your basement into a memorable place to be.