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Homeowners are seeing the benefit of renovating and finishing their basement now more than ever. If you’re wondering about the hottest ways to revamp your dingy, old basement, continue reading.

Remodeling your basement can create more living space and increase the value of your home. Although property owners might be tempted to DIY their basement reno project, we recommend hiring a professional contractor to see the job through. DRV Basements has executed some of the most innovative, unique basement renovation ideas, customizing them fully to the homeowner’s personal preferences.

Consider what is missing in the rest of your home in order to decide whether to use the basement for living, work or recreational space. And remember, before you begin remodeling the basement, be sure to waterproof it to avoid leaks and damage.

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Legal Secondary Suite

Also known as inlaw suites, legal secondary units are a wonderful investment in a basement for homeowners looking for an additional source of income. The most important step in renovating a legal secondary suite is registering the basement with your city to certify that it’s safe to rent out. DRV Basements will help you with obtaining the building permit, sending your application (along with a floor plan that’s compliant with local zoning codes), and handling the inspection of the renovated basement.

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Basement Bedroom

One of the most popular endeavours for homeowners is converting the basement into a bedroom. Whether it’s a spacious or small basement bedroom project, we will work with the space available to give you the most value on your investment.

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Basement Bathroom

If your family outnumbers the bathrooms you have on upper-level floors, building a bathroom in the basement is a terrific solution. We will make sure the plumbing in your basement is in good shape and check the utility lines before we begin renovating your basement bathroom. You can also request the finishes, upgrades, and features based on what you personally need in a bathroom.

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Walkout Basement

Walkout basements make for a fantastic choice for homeowners who want to create the perfect outdoorsy area all while never leaving the house. We offer walkout basement renovations whether they require tearing down a wall or not, and can help you achieve the perfect basement space for you and your family.

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Basement Kitchen

It’s not unusual for homes to have two fridges, one on the main floor and another in the basement. But why not just renovate the basement into a fully equipped kitchen? The great thing about renovating your basement into a kitchen is that you can customize to your liking, adding the appliances you prefer and as many countertops as you want. And if you’re short on space, no problem! We can construct basement kitchenettes that are smaller in size yet serve the same value and function.

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Basement Living Room

Renovating your basement into a second living room is a great way to turn into a cozy, comfortable space. Your main living room might be too small for a large gathering or an at-home movie night with friends, which is why using up all of the space in the basement can be helpful. Our number #1 tip for this type of basement would be to add lights wherever you can, especially if your basement has small windows.

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Basement Apartment

A basement apartment is typically built for personal use and consists of a sleeping area, a kitchen, and a bathroom. If you want to add living space in your house for family and friends visiting from out-of-town, try adding a basement apartment. Not only will you be a better host, you’ll also increase your house’s market value.

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Basement Gym

Stay active in the comfort of your home! If you’re into fitness yet dread the daily drive to the gym, why not add an at-home gym in your basement? Get the equipment you need and customize your basement gym to fully suit your fitness and health goals. And if you’re blessed with enough space in your basement, you can even hold fitness classes either virtually or in person in your brand new basement gym.

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Basement Office

Working from home is an increasingly popular option among businesses that are based and self-employed professionals—and you need the space that will allow you to maximise your productivity while running your business from home. This is when renovating your basement into a home office comes in handy. A comfortable desk, some work-related equipment, and a mini-fridge are all you need to create the perfect office space in your basement. You can even try the Joe Biden approach and run your presidential campaign right from your basement!

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Recreational Basement

Having a game room where you can play with your kids or host a family game night is a wonderful option for many homeowners. You can add a home theatre for the ultimate viewing experience, a pool table, pinball machines, or even a concession stand where you can have all your favorite snacks. One of our favorite ideas is building a bowling alley in the basement. This idea will also give you the comfort of knowing that very few people have stuck their fingers into the bowling ball you’re about to grab.

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Basement Storage Room

Struggling with limited storage space on your main floor? Try building a storage room in the basement where you can put away the items you don’t have room for. Bookworms can add a ceiling-high shelf unit to store all your books. Fashionistas can build the perfect closet space to organize your clothing and shoe collection. Handymen can have boxes to store tools, equipment, and machines they use around the house.

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