Basement Framing & Paneling Toronto

Basement framing and paneling is a very important step in revamping an unused basement, and that is why here, at DVR Basements, we take this matter very seriously. To better serve our clients we work with only the highest skilled workers and use only top-grade materials that last for decades.

We begin the paneling and framing process by attentively examining the entire basement and creating a plan for the frames that need to be installed. If the exterior basement walls are unfinished, we proceed to complete them, as this is the “foundation” for a sturdy and durable framing, which in turn will be the foundation for the panels we will then install. In addition to finishing the exterior walls of the basement, we make sure there are no damp spots that could lead to mildew in the future.

Once the entire basement has been framed and after a close inspection to make sure the frame is perfectly installed, we then precede to the last step before finally installing the panels: installing insulation.

We insert a special insulating material into the framing that will keep the basement cool throughout hot summers and warm during long, cold winters. Furthermore, to prevent the insulation from any moisture coming from the basement through the panels, we staple plastic sheeting that act as a barrier between the insulation and the panel, a procedure that will contribute significantly to the longevity of the insulation.

Of course, we take into consideration light switches and electrical outlets, or any other protruding object, and cut the panels to accommodate for them. Since our workers are skilled and the tools we use in this procedure are specially designed for this, the panels will look like they have been custom-ordered for your basement.

Lastly, after the basement framing and paneling is done, we take one more look at everything to ensure everything is perfect and our client is satisfied.

If you are in the search for a company in Toronto that offers professional basement framing and paneling, then look no further. Give us a call at 647-323-3232 and we will walk you through everything you need.