Basement Flooring Toronto

Excellent Basement flooring service is one of our specialties. Due to our long experience executing floorings for basements, we have learned how to deliver exceptional results to our clients.

  • The first thing we consider when installing floors in a basement is moisture. Because the floor of the basement sits directly on the ground, moisture can be a big problem. We avoid this by using special materials designed to keep it dry at all times.
  • The next thing to take to consideration is what type of floor to install. Some people prefer tiles, others wood, others laminated wood, etc. In order to recommend the best solution to our clients, we consider the usage of the basement and consult homeowner with the options. For example, if the basement needs to be transformed into a home-theater, we recommend not only using wood floors that act as insulator from the cold concrete, but also wall-to-wall carpeting on top to create a more intimate and welcoming space. On the other hand, if our clients require basement flooring in order to transform their basement into a storage place, we recommend tiles since they are more affordable and significantly easier to clean. In addition, tiles offer more options in terms of colors than wood.
  • Lastly, regardless of the type of floor our client wants to install, we always use the latest materials from renowned manufacturers. Together with our team of highly-skilled workers, the result will not only look and feel premium, but will also last decades with minimal maintenance and without needing constant repairs.

If you are interested in exceptional basement flooring services, than look no further: DVR Basements is a company that will meet your most stringent expectations, both in terms of workmanship and how the floor looks and feels. For more details, just give us a call at 647-323-3232, and we will install in your basement the floor you’ve been looking for.