Basement Finishing Toronto

Starting today, DVR basements can help you transform your unused basement into a stunning and functional living space where your entire family can spend their free time, thanks to our extensive experience in this field and desire to always exceed our clients’ expectations. We have developed a process for basement finishing that will guarantee nothing less than an exceptionally-executed job.

  • We begin by checking for any issues around the basement, and should we find problems such as obvious signs of water pools or drips, we immediately proceed to fix them. This ensures there will not be to mildew or wall dampness in your home in the future.
  • Next, we add a vapor barrier to both the walls and floor, and also an offset space with the help of metal or wood furring strips. We do this to make sure the framing and finishing will not suffer from moisture infiltrating from inside the basement.
  • Continuing, we proceed to insulate the walls and the floor. For this, we use only high-quality materials that are not only great at keeping the room warm during winter and cool during hot summers, but are also long-lasting and never cause problems.
  • Afterwards, we are ready to start framing the basement which is the last step to a successful basement finishing job. We pay special attention to obstructions like posts, beams, heating ducts and pipes, and make sure that after we frame and finish them, they will blend in smoothly with the surrounding areas. Also, we maintain access to things like electrical junction boxes, plumbing shutoffs and clean-outs, but we also conceal the openings so they do not stand out.

This is just an overview of the entire process, but we believe it is important to give the client an overall idea of how it will go. With more than a decade of experience in the field, we have the expertise required to satisfy all clients looking for a basement finishing service in Toronto. If you’re looking for a team of professionals to take care of your basement and transform it any way you desire, give us a call at 647-323-3232.