Popular Technologies of Basement Floor Heating

Find out which basement floor heating technology suits your home.

Even the warmest basements can run between 5-15 degrees cooler than ground-floor levels. If you’re looking for floor heating but don’t know where to start, here is a good place. We’ll compare different basement heating technologies and their factors so you can determine which is the best fit for you.

Before You Start

Before selecting, these three thoughts will help you decide what choice is best for.

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Three Great Uses For Your Walkout Basement

The walkout basement is one of the best improvements you can make in your house. It is an amazing feature with lots of potential, not to mention an upgrade that can jack up the property’s value quite a bit.

Toronto is full of older homes with basements that were never intended to be finished at all, and are mostly used for storage or as laundry rooms. All that potential is just sitting there, waiting to be.

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Unique Basement Kids Play or Entertainment Room Ideas

If you have a large family, children and their entertainment is an important concern. A concern that can be resolved with ease if you have a basement.

One of the things a basement is good for is keeping your kids entertained and occupied in a safe and controlled environment. Especially these days when kids mostly prefer to spend their time indoors, instead of roaming the streets and parks. And hey, thank god for that, because you.

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